BONIFAY - An application for a Community Development Block Grant was approved for submission when the Bonifay City Council met in regular session March 11.

The Downtown Economic Revitalization Committee is set to submit the application for the CDBG grant, which if approved will allow for buildings in the downtown to be refurbished.

A resolution on the matter will need three public hearings before approval. Those meetings will be held before each of the next three regular session meetings.

The three council seats that were up for re-election will continue to be filled by incumbents Travis Cook, Roger Brooks and James Sims. There were no others who qualified for the election. The members are expected to be sworn in at the March 26 special session.

Damage sustained from Hurricane Michael to the bull pen at Memorial Field were approved to be repaired at the cost of $9,000. Funds from FEMA for the damage will not be in until late summer leaving the council to decide to use funds from the city coffers to pay for the repairs. The city will use the FEMA funds as reimbursement.

Bonifay City Council will meet again in special session at 6 p.m. on March 26.