VERNON - One local author visited Mrs. Stewart's fifth grade class at Vernon Elementary to help foster a love for reading.

Kim Anderson Stone lives in Marianna and has written a series of five children's books called "Cowboy Ranch" , the fictional series chronicles the life of Clint and Cody Cowboy and their adventures. The stories are loosely based on Stone's family, a tradition that started with her family making up stories while traveling. The family dog, Gibbs, also has a starring role in the books.

"I love making these visits," said Stone. "If I can encourage one child to read, then I have done my job. I truly hope to foster and spread the love of reading."

Stewart invited Stone and Gibbs to her classroom to read an excerpt from one of the books. Gibbs had the best role doing tricks and getting all the attention and affection from the class.

One student, Cole Wells, says he loves the stories because they remind him of his grandpa and his farm.

"These stories are great because my grandpa has a farm and they remind me of him," said Wells.

Alyric Hooks says the stories are funny and she loves the dog and the chicken.

"The dog and the chicken are my favorite," said Hooks. "The things they get into are really funny."

Stewart says she was happy local author and friend came to her class to reinforce the importance of literacy.

"I am happy that Kim took the time to come sit with my class," said Stewart. "Speaking with them about the importance of reading and providing a set of books to my class is just an amazing thing."

If anyone is interested in purchasing the series, it can be found on Amazon and Kindle for $6.99.