CHIPLEY - Non-profit organizations will likely soon be able to apply for grants through the Chipley Redevelopment Agency.

The board unanimously approved the grant application with updated language during a regular meeting held Thursday. CRA Director Ted Everett presented the finalized application for discussion and review at the Chipley City Council workshop held that same night.

"We're giving them an opportunity that was not there for nonprofits before," said Chairman Malcolm Nelson.

Organizations may apply for CRA support for up to 25-percent their annual budget, the draft states. Among other eligibility requirements, the organizations must be classified as tax-exempt under IRS 501(c)(3), operate in facilities located in the CRA district, and prove the project they are requesting funding for is consistent with the mission of the CRA.

"All we're saying here is that we have knowledge, have proof of receipts, and basically, protecting the tax payers money," Everett said after reading the guidelines for amount of funding.

Nearing the last quarter of the year last year, the state added nonprofits to community redevelopment agency scope of funding. Funding will be available based on how much the CRA sets aside in its budget for the nonprofit grant program. If a nonprofit is awarded a grant, the monies will be allocated quarterly.

"I believe we have done our due diligence, so we have not taken it lightly," he later said. "We have been over this many times. I wanted to get it as right as we could the first time out of the chute."

Also at the meeting, the board voted to table an application submitted by  Dennis and Marsha Hayes, 1282 Church Ave. for a $40,000 building exterior and $12,000 interior CRA grant.

Board members discussed how to handle Mrs. Hayes currently open facade grant from last year - something member Amy Wiwi said appears to be a duplicate request being that facades are essentially the exterior of a building.

"It's doubling up on the same grant," Wiwi said. "This is another exterior grant."

The facade grant provided funds for up to $6,000 per side. The new exterior grant increased that amount by $4,000 - making available up to $10,000 per side. Board members tossed around the idea of allowing the Hayes to request up to $4,000 per side, which would cap the Hayes request at $10,000 per side.

CRA Chairman Nelson requested that Mrs. Hayes be invited to a special meeting so that all questions regarding the application can be answered, and everything on the check list be completed.

The special meeting will be held 3:30 p.m. Monday a the Washington County Chamber of Commerce building.

Also at the meeting, the board unanimously approved a $10,000 building exterior grant to Lola Carlile-Nelson, 840 Main Street.