BONIFAY - Two Holmes County governmental offices have been moved temporarily to the County Commission office due to staffing and safety concerns.

The first of the two offices is that of the building department. The offices were moved after Building Inspector Roger Williams went out due to health issues, leaving a large need to be filled.

Project Director David Corbin says he moved the office in order to provide structure and better access.

"With the county not having a full-time building inspector on staff currently, it was the best decision to move the building department," said Corbin. "We can provide more structure and have better control to give more access to the citizens of Holmes County with the move."

The county is not without a building inspector, however, a contract with Mike Geralds was set up earlier this year to handle inspections for the county.

The office will remain in the Commissioners office for the foreseeable future.

The second office is that of Veterans Affairs. The decision was made to move the office temporarily after some water leakage into the building. Tests are being run to ensure there is nothing health hazardous in the building. Once cleared, the staff will move back into the building.

County Veterans Services Officer Amy Cutchen says the only difference is the location.

"Services will still be the same even though we are in a different location," said Cutchen. "Just bear with us while we work out of a temporary office."