CARYVILLE - In an effort to reconcile a long overdue audit, as well as back taxes, Caryville Town Council hired a private bookkeeping service to prepare the town's financial records for the audit when they met in regular session February 12.

Private Bookkeeping Solutions (PBS) will begin the task of gathering the town's financial records for 2016 - 2017 to be sent for the auditing process. PBS will also be in contact with the IRS and the State of Florida to help the town reconcile $43,198.61 in back taxes. Most of that number comes in the form of fines and penalties which PBS will work with the IRS to reduce the amount and set up a payment plan for the town to pay back monies owed.

State taxes for employees are also owed along with sales tax dividends. PBS will work with the state to bring the town current in those matters as well.

In order to not disrupt the day to day workings at town hall, PBS will be working Saturdays beginning on February 23. PBS estimates 80 hours to complete the job at $40 an hour with two people working. The cost is estimated at $3,200 but not to exceed $5,000. The funds will come out of the general fund to pay the expenditure.

In other business, a new council member was sworn-in, filling Seat 5 that was left vacant with the resignation of Millard French in January.

James Taylor will remain in the seat for the duration of the remaining term when the seat will go up for re-election. Taylor previously served on the council for 19 years, leaving the council in 2015.

The council also restructured, making Larry Palmer the new Chairman and Bill Pate remaining the Vice-Chairman.

Caryville Town Council will meet again in regular session at 6 p.m. on March 12.