HOLMES COUNTY - After much controversy and the termination of the former Director of Emergency Management for Holmes County, the Board of County Commissioners recently voted to fill the position.

John Hagans will become the new E.M. Director in mid-February. Hagans currently sits on Esto Town Council where he has been for more than 20 years. He is a former county employee and has experience in working for emergency management.

Hagans says his time in local government and emergency management gives him an advantage in this position.

"I feel like my knowledge and experience with the people in this community and emergency management makes me an asset to this county," said Hagans. "When I do something I give it 110 percent. This county is my family and I appreciate the opportunity to serve the people here."

Commissioner Bobby Sassnet questioned Hagans level of confidence to handle the job.

Hagans responded, "If we are prepared, trained and equipped before an event occurs, Emergency Management will operate just as it should and people will be safe."

"This job is about preparation for an event," said Hagans. "It is not about a reaction when something happens. When most think of an emergency event they think of hurricanes, tornados and wild fires; my goal is to be prepared for anything."

In a unanimous vote, the board elected to hire Hagans as the new Director of Emergency Management of Holmes County.