CHIPLEY - Orange Hill Express hosted its Purina Checkerboard Customer Appreciation Event on Saturday, December 1.

Local folks came to the event in order to receive free dog food, cat food, or feed for livestock. Kids took advantage of Santa's visit, telling him of their wishes for Christmas gifts.

Manager Sherry Bass says that although this is an annual event, this year is different.

"This year after the hurricane has made this event different," said Bass. "We are able to give back to our community. We love our customers, they are our family and we are so happy to to be able to give back to them."

Donations from churches in Alabama were also received. Those donations will be distrubuted in Panama City to help aid in the recovery.

Bass says its more than just selling feed.

"Doing this is more than putting feed on sale," she concluded. "We are helping people to recover their lives."