WAUSAU – In order to help their residents recover from Hurricane Michael, the town of Wausau is going the extra mile.

Since most in the area are feeling the pinch due to expenses cause by the storm, any little bit helps those in need lessen the sting of the high costs. Officials say that is why the town council voted unanimously to waive late fees for utility bills through the month of January for their customers.

"We are a small town and have a staff of two," said Mayor Roger Dale Hagan. "We realize that what is minimal damage to some, is major damage to a small town."

The expected rate increase for those same utilities has also been waived through January.

"While our town did not lose water service, our town hall lost power for three weeks making it impossible for our residents to pay their utility bills," he said. "Therefore, we will be waiving late fees. Going by the CPI (Consumer Price Index) the town is due for a rate increase, we will be waiving that increase until February. All of these things are in hopes that it helps our people and to aide in the recovery process."

Since the storm, the town has adjusted six of their customers’ water bills due to their water lines being uprooted by fallen trees.

Those needing help with repairs to their water lines can call Town Hall at 850-638-1781.

The council is also looking into ways to help with debris removal on private property.

Hagan says the hope is to help their community and to aide in the recovery.