CHIPLEY – Washington County Planning Commission has given the go ahead to County Planner Steve Cramer to bring an issue to the Board of County Commissioners. The issue of amending a ordinance concerning the length of time a motor home can be parked in the yard of a residence.

Due to displacement from Hurricane Michael, some residents have family or even themselves living in motor homes or tents in their yards, while some churches have the same. Easing the restrictions for up to one year would help those already feeling the pain from Michael.

Cramer is expected to bring the issue to the next regular session of the BOCC on November 20.

In other business, Nestle Waters of North America requested to land use changes to the Cypress Springs tract of land where their facility is located at 2988 Cypress Springs Road.

The west tract of land is 9.3 acres where the facility is located was designated Agriculture/Silviculture/Conservation and limited the expansion possibility. Nestle requested to change the land use designation to Agriculture/Silviculture.

The east tract of land is 14.6 acres on the east side where the spring is located was designated Agriculture/Silviculture. Nestle requested to change to Conservation in order to protect the spring.

NWNA representative George Ring says the company wants to preserve the area.

“We have requested this land use change to preserve the area as a natural spring,” said Ring. “So many future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of the place.”

Washington County Planning Commission will meet again in regular session at 5 p.m. on December 4.