Terrebonne General Medical Center

Sept. 25: Grayson Mathew Lirette, child of Amy N. Lirette and Cody J. Lirette; Emalyn Claire Lirette, child of Amy N. Lirette and Cody J. Lirette;Adalyn Grace Lirette, child of Amy N. Lirette and Cody J. Lirette.

Oct. 13: Julian Scott Billiot, child of Seaira Magallanes and Shay Billiot.

Oct. 14: Marlee Reign Edmond, child of Ayriel Young and Delvin Edmond.

Oct. 15: Isabelle Grace Bonvillain, child of Tonja Ellender and Jude Bonvillain; Declan Pierce Hitt, child of Jolie Hitt and Harry Hitt.

Oct. 16: Isabelle Rae Breaux, child of Gina Boquet and Chase Breaux; Dalilah Ann Dean, child of Denise Dean and Jarrard Dean; Gabriella Lily Galuan, child of Carolyn Galuan and Sabas Galuan; Hayden James Guidry, child of Kate Prejeant and Rock Guidry.

Oct. 17: Dailyn Amir Sylvester, child of Ashante Paul and David Sylvester.

Oct. 19: Terel Rene Raymond Jr., child of Robin Taylor and Terel Raymond.


Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Oct. 8: Benjamin Miller Bourg, child of Crystal Leboeuf and Peter Bourg Jr.

Oct. 11: Mekhi Amaree Alex, child of Constance Alex and Ronald Alex Jr.; Weston Thomas Champagne, child of Kristen Champagneand DerekChampagne; Kash Princeton Ayden Charles, child of Sade Charles; Oliver Ramirez Garcia, child of Alma Ramirez and Carlos Ramirez; Everly Jane Gros, child of Adriana Justilian and Gage Gros; Cecile Margaret Maught, child of Rebecca Maught and Adrien Maught; Enslei Quinn Verdin, child of Megan Verdin and Jmikel Verdin.

Oct. 12: Evie Melancon-Avet, child of Erin Melancon and Brian Avet; Anna Boudreaux, child of Jessica Boudreaux and Holden Boudreaux.

Oct. 13: Lucas Brunet, child of Amy Brunet and Casey Brunet; Madison Marcantonio, child of Kayla Marcantonio and Matt Marcantonio; Phoenix Naquin, child of Lauren Naquin and Joshua Naquin.

Oct. 14: Nathan James Punch, child of Kera Punch and Jacob Punch.

Oct. 15: Lakyn Rae Adams, child of Jana Chauvin and Jimmie Adams III; Aleena Grace Bergeron, child of Amber Bergeron and William Bergeron; Sebastian Aiden Brown, child of Jada Oubre and Jarell Brown; Arie Andra May, child of Velma May; KharZae Kahiraee Javah Rudolph, child of Keivonna Rudolph and Karl Charles.

Oct. 16: Avery Ann Toups, child of Heather Toups and Alex Toups; Ivorie Reign Verret, child of Alexandra Savell and Kenrock John Verret; Kennan Joseph Worley, child of Aaliyah Adams and Kenneth Worley.

Oct. 17: Alexa Marie Banuelos, child of Claudia Banuelos and Antonio Banuelos; Journee Mechele Buquet, child of Taylor Reynolds and Devin Buquet; Isabel Teresa Hunt, child of Maria Mondragon Cobos and Christopher Hunt.

Oct. 18: Karmen Marie Babin, child of Kayla Babin and Ryan Babin; Aiden Joseph Carty, child of Erica Bourgeois and Logan Carty; Brandt William Guidry, child of Jessica Guidry and Mathew Guidry.

Oct. 19: Colton John Navarre, child of Joy Navarre and Dakota Navarre; Ky′Leigh Kylian Wilson, child of Tyjarnae Wilson.