As of 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, October 24 the cooperative’s restoration figures were:

Holmes County: 7,482 meters restored (100% of members served out of the Bonifay district office)

Washington County: 3,035 meters restored (72%)

Jackson County: 5,596 meters restored (41%) (ten times the devastation)

Calhoun County: 540 meters restored (19%) (ten times the devastation)

Total restored: 16,653 meters out of 28,317 are restored at this time

Approximately 59% of WFEC’s entire system has been restored at this time. Crews continue repairing damage in many of the previously mentioned areas including: Tumble Creek, Highway 90 east of Chipley, Sapp Road, Alford Highway, Woodrest Road to Cutchins Mill Road, Piney Grove Road, Roland Road, Corbin Road, Cane Mill Road, Monroe Sheffield Road, Highway 69, Highway 73 north of Shelton’s Corner, Highway 20 toward Blountstown, Blountstown, Grand Ridge, Clarksville, Bascom, Malone, Sneads, River Road, south Shady Grove, Highway 286, the Four Points Community, Cypress and Rocky Creek.

As of yesterday, WFEC had 1,176 line workers assisting with rebuilding and power restoration. Members can now report their outages by calling 844.OUTAGE1 (844.688.2431). This is the automated system so you will not reach a live operator, but your outage will be reported. The co-op is already aware of multiple outages across our service area, but this will allow members peace of mind that their individual outages have been reported.

Thank you for your continued patience, prayers and support.