CHIPLEY – The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved a tentative millage rate of 8.9735, which is 2.03 percent lower than the rolled back rate of 9.1592. Also approved was a $28.3 million budget when the board met in a budget hearing Wednesday.

The total budget, excluding the Sunny Hills and Oakwood Hills Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU), is proposed at $28,313,490. The MSBU budget is set is set at $877,500.

Projected general fund expenditures and revenues balance is at $14,449,347, with the largest revenue coming from $7.5million in ad valorem taxes. The largest expenditure is law enforcement at $2.5 million.

Look for a more detailed report on the county’s finances after the final budget is set in the board’s called budget meeting, which will take place at 5:05 p.m. Tuesday, September 19.