BONIFAY – It has been said that if a candidate wins Noma, they win the election. That was proven true this go round for Brandon Newsom and Earl Stafford.

Of the eight precincts in the county, the largest is Noma, where  917 people showed up to vote. Including Noma, Newsom carried all of the precincts, save Pine Log, while Stafford carried all eight.

With 1,770 votes Newsom unseated incumbent Mickey Locke, who came in with 1,146 votes, Scott Prescott ended with 1,233 votes. Stafford also unseated the incumbent 2,313 votes while incumbent Danny Powell came in with 1,027 votes and Eddie Paul garnered 851 votes in the race.

Of the 10,642 registered voters in the county, 4,325 showed up at the polls to cast their votes on Tuesday.

Newsom made the following statement regarding his win:

"I would like to thank all of those that came out and supported me and cast their votes to elect me as their new Holmes County District 2 County Commissioner," Newsom said. "I give all the glory to God and I will do my best to do his will while I am in office."

"As your commissioner I vow to work for the county as a whole and not just my district. My first priority is road maintenance and I will work with my fellow commissioners to bring our county’s roads back to where they need to be," he added.

"I will have an open door policy so anyone with issues or concerns can contact me directly," he concluded. "I promise to be involved with the residents of Holmes County in solving any issues that may arise. I will strive to do the very best job that I can as your County Commissioner and prove myself worthy of the office I have been elected to."

Stafford spoke of how humbling it has been to be re-elected to a position he held previously.

"Even though I have previously held this office, I am still very humbled that the people of Holmes County have elected to put me back in that seat. Thank you for trusting me once again to be your county commissioner."

Both Locke and Powell declined to comment.

The commissioner elects will be sworn into office on November 20.