BONIFAY - The Holmes County Council on Aging recently went through a change of administration but are looking to the future and the way ahead.

Due to alleged misappropriations of funds by former Executive Director Amber Wing and Chief Financial Officer Ginny Cooper, the Board of Directors have placed protocols to ensure no repeat of the situation will happen again.

The new Executive Director Michael Brown says they owe a debt of gratitude to the Board because they have allowed the organization to continue to do what it is meant to do.

“Our new board and new President Donna Meldon has allowed us to continue to take care of people,” said Brown. “That is what this organization is meant to do and we owe the board a debt of gratitude for enabling us to continue to do just that.”

New partnerships have been formed with Feeding the Gulf Coast where clients who are 60 or older and receive TANG, SNAP or Medicaid, or have an income less than 130-percent of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive a box that contains items such as pasta, cereals, bottled juices, canned meats, fruits, and vegetables, cheese, peanut butter, and shelf-stable and instant dry milk.

Florida Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program has also partnered with HCOA by handing out $40 in certificates each month for seniors to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets. This way encourages people to also shop local and support small businesses.

Once a month, Judy Corbus from UF IFAS Extension Office holds a nutrition class to teach about healthy eating habits and how they can positively affect ones health.

Brown says these programs help to emphasize that aging doesn’t mean dying.

“Just because someone is getting older, it doesn’t mean their life is over,” said Brown. “It just means another chapter of life has begun.”

For more information contact 850-547-2345