Holmes County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident in which a Ponce de Leon High School student made repeated comments regarding actions he would take “if he were an active shooter.”, according to the report.

Following the incident, which took place late in the school day on Thursday, August 30, a HCSO deputy made contact with the student who admitted making the statements and said he was “just joking.” The student was advised of the seriousness of his comments and was subsequently banned from school grounds by school administrators until all investigations by the school system could be completed, according to the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office.

The student is charged with disruption of school function, according to the report.

Holmes County Sheriff John Tate urges parents to take time to speak with their children about the dangers of making comments about school shootings or making bomb threats. Sheriff Tate and staff will also be traveling to district schools throughout the year to speak to the students about the ramifications of making threats, according to the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office.