Why should voters vote 'yes' on the surtax?: Voting "yes’ will be for the benefit of the school system in preparation for the future.  The half-cent sales tax will provide funding to replace devices on a rotating basis; Maintain and Expand Technology infrastructure; Remodel/Renovate and Expand School Facilities


How much money would it generate for the school district (annually)?: The half-cent sales tax will generate approximately $1 million annually.


Where can people see this additional tax added (receipts, utility bills, etc.)? Who will be/can be taxed: If approved, the levy will begin in January 2019 of all sales taxable expenditures up to $5,000 purchase.  It is limited to the first $5,000 of any expenditure, should a car purchase or large material purchase additional cost will be no more than $25.



Half a cent doesn't sound like much. Will it truly be a .005 surtax? Will the amount of the surtax change or increase?: Yes, it will be .005 sales tax increase. No, it will not increase.


What are the top five projects the School Board has slated for these monies?

1.  Replace electronic devices on a rotating basis

2.  Expand Broadband services to the schools

3.  Provide for digital technology for support at the schools

4.  Upgrade capabilities for internal communications at schools

5.  Future facility renovation and remodeling based upon growth


How will projects be prioritized to receive the money and who determines what's most important?: As needed, digital devices within the district will be upgraded and replaced; the School Board - based upon the stated needs of the schools.


What can the money be used for? What are some things that the money cannot be used for? It can be used for technology and facility expansion as allowed by Florida Statute section 212.055(6)(b) and 212.055(6)(c) which authorized the referendum. It cannot be used for stadiums or constructions not related to educational purposes.


Since this is a 10-year commitment, what is the recourse if I do not like how the money is being spent? The School Board provides for citizen input at all meeting for any concerns to be expressed.  Annually, the School Board holds public hearing on its budget and future plans.