BONIFAY – The Tax Collector/Property Appraisers office parking lot is set to be fully reclaimed after approval from the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners when they met in regular session August 14.

The measure was initially approved in June but was put on hold after Tax Collector Harry Bell and Property Appraiser Bryan Bell approached Chairman Danny Powell and Coordinator Joey Marsh with the idea of asking the bank about donating the building to the county just as Gulf Power did with the Veterans Affair Office Building. The Tax Collector and Property Appraiser would have used the building until such time as the county annex could be built.

The bank made the decision to move ahead with the sale rather than donating the building. Harry Bell says while the building would have met a need, that need can still be met by fixing the current parking lot.

“The building would have been perfect for us with the parking lot size and availability,” said Bell. “But we can still move ahead with the reclamation of our current parking lot for the safety of our customers.”

The cost of $20,000 will come out of the maintenance and repair budgets for those offices and $10,000 that was projected for insurance premium increase that didn’t occur. Roberts and Roberts will complete the project.

Adrienne Owen from Emergency Management requested the board approve the annual application for the Hazard Analysis Grant. The grant totals $1,661 and will be used to cover expenses from August 1 to September 30. This will fill the gap from the end of EM fiscal year and the end of the county’s fiscal year.

Kalyn Waters came before the board to ask for a budget amendment for the agriculture center in the amount of $1,700. The funds are left over from unused salaries and will be transferred over to the travel fund. The board unanimously approved the request.

Attorney Brandon Young was tasked by the board to look into who is responsible for the roads in the Dogwood Lakes community after Connie Mason, owner of the Dogwood Lakes Golf Course came before the commission requesting any type of help the community could get from the county. With the dissolution of the Homeowners Association in 1992, it is unclear who is responsible for maintaining the roads and right of ways. Approval to pay the annual Opportunity Florida dues totaling $1,992.70 was also approved.

Holmes County Board of County Commissioners will meet again in regular session at 6 p.m. on August 27.