Looking for information on Morgan Springer

Among the influential people who migrated to Thibodaux in the 19th century was Morgan Springer. He was, for example, the master builder of the Lafourche Parish Courthouse, designed by the prominent Louisiana architect Henry Howard. I am currently researching his life and career.

From western Pennsylvania, near Uniontown, Morgan Springer and James Frost, also a noted master carpenter, traveled to Thibodaux in 1840. They number among the five or so gifted and busy builders who in essence “put Thibodaux on the map” before the Civil War. Frost died in the fall of 1853 during the dreaded yellow fever epidemic that spread through Louisiana, and Springer died in 1861. He was married to Azelie Bourg, and their son, named James Morgan Springer, who lived until almost 1900.

I am asking for information about Springer in particular, especially for any photographs of him, and for names of and contact information for any descendants living nearby. Despite his notoriety and prominence in our community while he lived here, he is much forgotten. He is buried in the St. John’s Episcopal Church Cemetery between Jackson and Church streets in Thibodaux. The St. John’s Historic Cemetery Association wishes to honor his life in its semi-annual newsletter this September.

Please provide information to me at ddpsbp@bellsouth.net.

Thank you.


David D. Plater



Why the illegal immigration crisis must be fixed

America has an immigration crisis that the Congress has failed to fix over the last decade. The self-interested Congress has failed to meet Americans’ demands. The recent sad sight of children on the border being separated from their parents is Congress’s failure to correct the law.

The immigration crisis must be fixed, because it affects our culture, national and financial security. It is questionable if current illegal immigrants are going to be loyal to America’s greatness when you see Mexican flags flying at rallies.

Americans are generous but must be realistic by sense of fairness and common sense in fiscal, social and political challenges. It would be wonderful if we could solve all the world’s problems, but that simply is not realistic.

Most understand the plight of the illegal immigrants fleeing from Mexico and Central America from their countries because of corruption and violence. American taxpayers cannot be obligated to pay for the safety net for all these people since it is getting worst in Central America.

American taxpayers have been sold out by the Republicans and Democrats. Segments inside the Republican Party have sought financial gain by cheap labor. Democrats have sought political gain by admitting more immigrants for potential future voters.

The American taxpayer, already shouldering a significant national debt thanks to the ruling class, is now required to pay billions a year for illegal immigrants in our country. The consequences of mass immigration are not good for America. We are importing poverty, drugs, gangs lawlessness and educational failure.

And if we continue on the current trajectory, taxpayers are going to be asked to shoulder an even greater financial burden. What is going to happen in 10 or 15 years, when increased automation wipes out millions of the low-skilled and unskilled jobs that many immigrants now hold, sharply increasing their rate of unemployment and making it impossible for many to find new jobs?

There will either be unrest and rioting in the streets, or the millions of people out of work will be thrown onto our already-overstressed social welfare programs. And the only way those programs will be able to withstand the stress is if the American taxpayer is hit with crushing tax increases. 

Congress must act to represent the will of the people.

Americans must choose what our country will become in less than a generation, before it's too late.

Voters must demand Congress fix the problem.


Huey P. O’Neal

West Monroe