Parental involvement is key to student success

WASHINGTON AND HOLMES COUNTIES - According to the National Committee for Citizens in Education, active and engaged parents prepare their children for success in the classroom. From fewer behavioral problems to better academic performance, parental involvement increases the likelihood of children completing high school.

Curriculum and Instruction Administrators for both Washington and Holmes Counties chimed in on the importance of parental involvement and what parents can do to be engaged in their child's educational success.


"Studies show that students who have parental involvement in their school work and activities are more successful in the educational careers," said Pam Price, HCSD Curriculum and Assessment Administrator. "We encourage our parents to become involved in their student’s school day."


"Parents should be connected to their child's school in understanding the class schedule of the child, activities throughout the school and the access to their child's grades on the parent portal," said Gail Riley, WCSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction.


While the cogs on the curriculum and instruction are many, Riley emphasized parents to get a jump start to understanding their child's education by attending orientation.


"These orientation meetings are very important which include meeting their child's teachers, understanding the requirements of each class being taken and the grading system," she said. "These orientation meetings will guide the parents to get them involved in all elements of the school environment."


Parent-Teacher Organizations/Parent-Teacher Associations are available at both school districts. Parents should attend orientations and/or contact schools staff to find out how to get involved.


Having daily conversations with your child, asking specific questions, is another way to keep up with the day-to-day classroom developments.


"Talk with your child nightly about their school day," Price said. "Ask specific questions such as, 'What story did you read today in ELA?';  Follow that with another question such as, 'Who were the main characters?'"

"Do not just simply ask, 'How was your day?'"


The bottom line is parental support is the launching pad from which students take their educational leap. Washington and Holmes counties offer resources to help parents understand their child's educational pathway and tools to help them perform successfully.

There's room for every parent at many different steps.


"Get involved," Riley cheerfully said. "Students are actively involved in many areas from athletics, band, music, drama and so much more. Parents can support these activities in so many ways."