CHIPLEY - Chipley City Council committed to paying in $50,000 in matching funds for a water line replacement project.

At Thursday's special city council meeting, the council heard from Fred Fox Enterprises regarding submitting a Community Development Block Grant Neighborhood Revitalization application. At the meeting, unanimously approved the motion.

The grant is for $750,000 - with Chipley contributing $50,000 - and covers the water line replacement, engineering and administration costs.

According to the application, the project includes Brickyard Road between Fourth Street and Main Street service areas, which currently experiences low water volume and pressure. The project would replace the existing water lines with twelve-inch potable water lines and install about 676 feet of replacement potable water lines. The grant states the installation will include all components, including fire hydrants, required for a complete installation.

Fred Fox Enterprises anticipates the project is slated to be complete in two years.