CHIPLEY – With spirited young entrepreneurs all around, T&B Hidden Treasures in Chipley hosted the first annual Flea Market and Funday on July 21.

Owners Bill and Sunny Tinsley said the idea came to them as they watched children tag along to the store with their parents and grandparents; also, after watching an episode of American Pickers where a similar event was held in Iowa.

Trying to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, the Tinsley’s held the kids only flea market where children could come sell their things - and keep all of the profits.

Kids ages 6-16 were invited to come set up shop to raise money for themselves. At the event, there were also sprinklers to enjoy when the kids wanted to cool off. Lunch plates were served along with drinks and popsicles throughout the day.

"We want to help teach these kids how to start making their own money," said Bill Tinsley. "Kids needs something productive to do, how else will they learn if not by doing."

Sunny Tinsley said she loves seeing the kids come in and watching them learn to love history.

"Some of the kids that come in here have old souls," she said. "They begin collecting things and learning about history, it's awesome to see."

The kid vendors had their own reason for items. Ten-year-old Douglas Wolter was no exception.

Douglas had his mini dirt bike up for sale so he could take his mom to Panama City for a special outing.

"I am selling my dirt bike to help raise some money because I want to take my mom on a helicopter ride over Panama City," Douglas said. "I sure hope I can raise enough to take her."

Kaitlyn Hildebrand, 14, says her reason for selling her things is so she can buy a laptop.

"I’m older now and I need a laptop for school things," said Hildebrand. "They are expensive so I want to help my parents buy one for me."

The Tinsley’s hope to make this an annual event like Flea Across Florida, which is September 14-15, and hope to watch the event grow in the same way.