BONIFAY – Discussion concerning the code enforcement and water bill ordinances were on the top of the list when Bonifay City Council met in regular session July 23.

City Attorney Michelle Jordan advised the council of the need to clean up an apparent outdated 1987 ordinance concerning water bills.

“Policy and procedures are not clearly defined in the ordinance as it sits currently,” said Jordan. “I would like some direction so we can get this taken care of.”

The council directed Jordan to add late fees, administrative fees and cut off dates to the language of the ordinance and bring it back to the council for review at the next meeting.

The code enforcement ordinance is also being cleaned up for council review. Jordan will add different language concerning a code enforcement board or special magistrate for the council to decide which they feel will be best to serve the needs of the city in the final draft of the ordinance, officials said.

In other business, Mayor Eddie Sims brought forth a measure to split up the Downtown Economic Revitalization Committee into two sections. One of those would be called The Downtown Economic Revitalization Task Force and the other The City Beautification Committee.

The task force duties will include handling the original plans of the committee to seek ways to alter, repair, demolish, or build in the selected area of Bonifay from Highway 90 to First Baptist Church on Highway 79 to improve economic growth.

The beautification committee is tasked with handling the more immediate needs of the city by making Bonifay attractive so people will want to stop and spend money there on their way to the beach rather than just drive through.

The council approved the split unanimously and requested for names to be brought back for member recommendations.

Also at the meeting, a resolution concerning a public hearing for the city to abandon Hamlin Street to First Baptist Church was approved. The hearing is set for August 2 at 5 p.m. The council will vote on the issue at their next regular session meeting.

Dewberry’s Elissa Pettis advised the council on the status of the beautification grant from Federal Department Of Transportation the city is currently seeking. A master plan for future plans is a requirement of the grant. Pettis informed the board that she already has that underway and requested their input on anything they would like to add to the list.

Bonifay City Council will meet again in regular session at 6 p.m. on August 13.