CHIPLEY – A half-cent school capital outlay surtax was approved to go on the August primary referendum.

Washington County Board of Count Commissioners held a public hearing on behalf of the Washington County School District on July 10 and then voted unanimously to place the measure on the ballot.

Commission Chairman Tray Hawkins said it will be up to the tax payers to either vote for or against the issue.

“We leave it up to the tax payers of Washington County to vote and to decide; if the way the School Board is going to use the money, is worth it (paying the half-cent sales tax) to them,” said Hawkins.

Superintendent Joe Taylor and the rest of the BOCC all agreed that raising taxes is the last thing any governing body wants to do - but sales tax is the fairest way to do it.

“Nobody likes taxes; but, at least with this one, we are accountable to the public to show them how it is spent,” Taylor said.

The money would be used to fund capital projects and sooth educational technology needs over the course of 10 years, beginning January 2019 should the voters pass the referendum.