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Judy D Folse: Read the part where its says must offer. Nowhere does it say forced. Instead of yelling about putting God back in school, try putting him first in your home. You as the parents are responsible for teaching your children about God. Why would you want a stranger to teach it to your child? You are the model. Act like one and teach your children morals and put God in your home.

Peggy T. Ricouard: Anyone who doesn’t want to see “In God we trust,” please feel free to give me everything you own that has it written on it. Here is a hint in case you don’t get it...

Kyle Donegan: This is unconstitutional. Just straight up wrong. Religion is fine. But it should not be forced upon our childten in public schools.

Bryan Jensen: You go to church to learn the Bible and school for reading, writing and arithmetic.

Deb Jessie: Best comment thus far.

Celeste Roberts: “Moral decay.” Like Louisiana politicians hiring prostitutes?

Grant Doiron: I think it should start immediately. It should have never been stopped.

Eric LeBlanc: Religion should be a choice. Behavior starts with parenting. Not religion.

Beau C Jackson: Such a weak god that can be kept away by the laws of man.

R Lee Davis: God says follow laws of man.

Judy D Folse:Evey knee shall bow!

Tammy Bryant Spaulding: For all of you who do not like the saying "In God we trust," stop accepting US currency.

Jackie Higgins: Well we believe in God. You have your own beliefs. But when you took God out, you let the devil in.

Steve Stilts: See how many school shootings this stops. Not to mention that this is unconstitutional.

Celeste Roberts: Louisiana’s ACLU is about to be very busy.

Steve Stilts: One of he reasons I belong to and support the ACLU is because of stuff like this.

Inside Pooda's Brain: Put Buddha back in schools!

Penny Savin Duplantis: I think it’s fantastic.

Brian Grimes: Idiots try this all the time. Let them, if they require equal exposure to every other faith.

Taylor Reidel: If they want religion in school like that, pay extra and go to private school.

Matt Casse: Which god are they talking about?

Robert Thibodeaux: That’s not true at all.

Steve Guin: Are you telling me I can’t choose my own god?

Matt Casse: I was thinking Zeus would be a good choice. Robert Thibodeaux: Not in schools. This law is talking about the Christian God.

Matt Casse: So in schools I'm bound to worship the one specific God that you deem correct?

Laiken Olivier: Ever heard of separation of church and state?

Dinah Briggs No.

Regino Lamark: Yes, yes, yes.

Jacob Leblanc: It's not about pushing God on anyone, but it is to address moral decay? It can't be both. Teaching it as part of the founding of the country will likely lead to lots of confusion regarding America being founded as a Christian nation, which it was not. Most of you wouldn't accept "in Allah we trust." Why should non-Christians accept this?

Jacob Leblanc: Except our country has no religion and atheists exist. It should also be removed from currency. Unfortunately, too many people were scared of communists back in the day and voted to add it, and now too many people are scared of losing votes to discontinue it. As for the rest of your nonsense about thinking “blacks” have somehow had it good in this country and “liberal” agendas, well guess what: The liberal agenda is based on facts and evidence, not what we want to believe. So get out of here with your nonsense.

Robert Thibodeaux: Their god specifically tells them not to push him on anyone. So they are deceiving their God while trying to praise him.

Jacob Leblanc: All religions are based on immense hypocrisy. If a religion were so truthful and powerful there would be no need to speak of it outside of their worship places, much less have to pass laws forcing people to learn about it and discriminate against those who refuse to follow.

Jacob Leblanc: Ah. Dehumanizing us by saying “your kind.” Kinda tells us your mindset, along with believing blacks didn't have it so bad and thinking non-Christians can't have morals. Speaking of morals, how do you feel about the separation of migrant families and caging of children? We liberals are fighting that. I'm an atheist. I'm fighting that, and for the poor and hungry and needy. You go to work protesting your obligation to help the “lazy,” another dehumanizing term. So who here is the real Christian according to Jesus? The atheist fighting for the poor and needy or the Christian fighting against it?

Grant Doiron: I love it when they start talking about God and other religions. But yet they claim to be atheists. They don't believe but get married with papers that are presented under what God's ways are. So I feel they believe in God but are ashamed that they don't give the time for him, so they call themselves atheists.

Jacob Leblanc Grant Doiron married in the court you fool. No gods mentioned anywhere. Marriage is a legal contract. That's why you cant get married in a church without a government-approved license. The church has no legal authority.