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Craig Luke: How is that practice any different than a police officer doing a private detail after they are off the clock?

R Lee Davis: It's not. People just think their way is better, and if you don't agree, then your wrong.

Barry Ledet: The old way of doing things isn't better. If you think differently you are part of the problem

Dwayne Richard: Seems like the new way is for a parent to choose to have their kids on a private travel ball team, which focuses on player development as opposed to public recreation but to have the taxpayers through public recreation subsidize the private teams by providing facilities free of charge for their private activities.

R Lee Davis: Let the people know of all the money rec districts have taken in but to only have broken down and unsafe fields. Speak of all the truth, not just half. Don't be a hypocrite.

Barry Ledet: I would be willing to bet your has been left out or kicked out of clubs often.

R Lee Davis: It wasn't TPR, it was a rec district that represent the council.

Steve Guin: That’s what I meant.

R Lee Davis: District 2-3 might have new board members, but it doesn't change the fact they fully support travel teams over public teams. Especially the new board. They are even worse than the last board members when it comes to travel teams.

Barry Ledet: I noticed you're upset about travel ball. Have you ever thought that maybe people are tired of TPR-run drama in the past? Garbage rules, short season, so few games. Let me guess your reply: "It's the rec districts' fault, not TPR."

R Lee Davis: Ever read the TPR rule book? I'm guessing not. If the umps don't play by the rules then that would be a Jay Dusenberry problem. He runs the officials, not TPR. Short season. Let's see, because TPR is more than one sport, it doesn't lock kids down into one sport. Let's talk about field directors, field conditions and rec boards who throw public teams off fields to suit travel teams. TPR has it faults but nothing like the people who sit on rec boards and run travel teams. Don't worry, travel teams are a problem all over the nation. They are ruining rec leagues all over the country. Let me guess: You pay big money for your child to lose on the weekends?