CHIPLEY - Washington County School District maintained an overall B for the 2017-2018 school year.

"We ended up with four Bs and two Cs, which is what we had last year - we had a swap: We had two schools that improved and we had two schools that went from Bs to Cs," said Superintendent Joseph Taylor.

While Vernon High School and Vernon Elementary slipped from B to C, Vernon Middle School and Chipley High School improved from C to B.

According to Taylor, though there were preliminary signs that Vernon High School could face challenges, the elementary was sort of a shock.

He said Principal Steve Griffin "was digging very deep as to 'where did this come from' - because most elementary schools won't do that."

For Vernon Middle School, Taylor was "extremely proud of  them."

"And I certainly have to take my hat off to Chipley High School, who has been sitting there (at a C grade) - and they got it," he said, regarding the school's improvement.

Taylor also said schools staff feedback has been promising. Even with a district that performed above average, staff are looking at ways to push through to greater improvements. 

"As a district, I think we're in a very good position," he added.