The Calling to Serve


It’s the end of a shift and a spouse is feeling the colossal burden of fear vanish.   The reassuring sound of the velcro as they remove their bullet proof vest resonates through the room.  They are home. 


For others, another is just beginning, uniforms are being donned, gun belts secured, and little hands are waving as their loved one backs out of the drive.


The day ahead is unknown.  There will be moments full of joy and there will be moments of grief so strong that it will shake them to their core.  Dangers will come in a variety of ways and sadly, in today’s world, enforcing the law can be as controversial as committing the crime.  Society’s perception of the crime is sold as the gospel, when in fact, the story on the street has more holes than an old thrift store couch.


The reality of the job can be heavy but the love for their community is unequivocal to the risk, so they push forward.  They continue to serve, knowing that public safety takes a commitment to upholding and enforcing the laws; even when it may not be a popular thing to do.


We are very proud to serve the citizens of Washington County.  As we continue with each community event, we are looking to build our relationships with you. 


Our deputies are far more than a uniform with handcuffs.  Arresting those that commit crimes comes with the job, but the reason behind removing the offender from our streets is why we do what we do.   


As always, my door is open to each of you.


Sheriff Crews