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Sam Cherry Save the money on the study and just take my word for it: You take a left onto Martin Luther, you risk your life.

Annette Cortez I always go right. Always. Then make a U-turn.

Renada Van Keneker: Right.

Sylvia Alleman Pollet: So do I.

Perina Graves Coleman: Whenever it’s all clear to make a left, I panic and think it’s a trap.

Reuben Eymard: It would also help if Lowe's had a lane to Shoe Carnival and one from Ashley to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I don't understand why they don't connect all that.

Shawn Donald Billiot: Yes.

Pam Sonnier Carroll: I don’t know why we need a study done. Everyone knows it’s a very dangerous road. They need to do what they did in Thibodaux on Canal Boulevard.

Jacob Leblanc: Knowing it’s dangerous and knowing where, when, how, why and how to solve those issues are two different things

Barry Hebert: And lower the speed limit.

Sarah Jones: When? between 7 a.m. and 7p.m.. How? Because we have a million people and no one obeys half of the traffic or turning laws and lanes. Where? Mainly between Trapp and the mall. How to fix it? Design a system similar to Thibodaux to make traffic flow with better organization.

Alisha Loupe: Median! Only enter and exit shopping centers at a light. Problem solved. I moved from Baton Rouge to Houma and my insurance went up $30 a month because this parish has so many wrecks and a lack of insured drivers. There is clearly an issue, and it’s not just one road. And they shot down Uber, which would have helped.

Jesse Billiot: Get rid of all the entrances and have traffic come out of the shopping centers on designated lights. Also, it's 50 mph, not 35 mph. Slow drivers on the road drive me up a freaking wall.

Tim Trahan: Too many entrances and exits. Install service roads on both sides and make the vehicles go to the traffic lights.

Andre Trahan: We don’t need a service road. We just need to limit the entrances and exits like Thibodaux has done by Walmart and Lowe’s.

Andre Trahan: Put a median in place and force everyone to turn right. That’ll stop idiots from taking left turns during the busiest part of the day.

Tim Trahan: That too.

Cheryl Falcon: Another study?

Crystal Johnfroe Gienger: Why are we spending money on a study when it's so obvious it's dangerous? How many wrecks are on that street should suffice as evidence. Waste of taxpayers’ money as always.

Mary Kingrey Pellegrin: Well duh! Do you really need a study to know MLK is not safe? It’s a cluster when trying to turn anywhere using the middle lane.

Ruby Daigle Eschete: My daughter resides in Georgia. When she is home, we try to avoid MLK. She says it’s a death trap. It is a horrible roadway

Dylan LeBoeuf: I don’t know why the speed would get reduced. Nobody even goes 40 on MLK anyway or looks when they pull out.

Maurice Dubois: Just was in a five-car accident near Performance Power Sports because someone decided to stop in the left lane to try to cross three jam-packed lanes of traffic to turn into that place. Medians and turn lanes need to be done. No question about it.

Bj Ciara Hwang: I never take a left on MLK unless there is no traffic. With that many outlets, the speed limit should be 40 or lower. You basically have to stop at each one when someone’s turning at each one anyway.

Janice Lawson: Well, about time, especially for Houma and visiting residents of Houma. After all, there is no place like home no matter where you reside

Arthur Houston: And that and $50 million can fix it. Please use the money to move people out of the coastal lands. Far better use.

Erica Dufrene Trahan: They need to check the light on Hollywood that intersects to Alma as well. When on Alma turning onto Hollywood, the light will turn green and cars will still be passing. Either the light’s timing is off or people just like to pass red lights right there.

Andre Trahan: This is a joke, just like Terrebonne Parish.

Tony Dago Indovina: I’ll save them some money. It’s not safe. Have a nice day. Pay me now for letting the so-called pros tell you the same thing.

Darlene Verret: Who’s bright idea was it to put softball fields on this main road? Whoever’s idea it was is no real genius! Just waiting for a terrible, terrible accident to happen.

Aimee St Amant Detiveaux: Study? Medians and traffic lights. There, problem solved.

Jesse Billiot: Traffic lights slow down traffic.

Frank Nixon: Scary seeing the risks some people take trying to make a left turn out and across MLK. See too many avoidable accidents on this road.

Jarrod Gregoire: I’ll save some time and money. It’s a death trap.

Rachel LeBlanc Morales: It’s past time that they fix this situation.

Janet LeBoeuf: Lower the speed limit for one thing. Put medians.

Penny Kraemer: It's about time. I avoid going there because it's dangerous.

Jim Beaux: Divide the road with a median and proper turning lanes.