BONIFAY - The Holmes County Public Library will be hosting its annual summer program starting June 14.

The Florida Youth Program theme for this year is “Libraries Rock” with each program showing how libraries rock and teaching children the importance of the library system by way of music.

Each week will see various groups using music encourage children to utilize their local library. Atlantic Coastal Theatre will use plays drawn from books to do just that, just as Mrs. Kate Singin’ and Smilin’ will do the same.

The finale of the program will have a Battle of the Bands which is exactly what is sounds like. Bands from local high schools will gather at Bonifay K-8 to battle each other for the children.

The programs are open to the public and completely free of charge. Signing up is not a requirement and parents are asked to stay with their children for the programs. Local daycare centers will bring their students to the events as well.

Holmes County Public Library Assistant Director Becky Marsh says this program is for the community and for kids to have something to do with their time.

“We give them something to do for entertainment when some of them cant afford other activities,” said Marsh. “We support the children and the parents by giving them something to do.”

Starting on June 7 with a movie at the library, every Thursday from June 14 until July 12, programs will be held at Bonifay K-8 . The programs begin at 9 a.m.

“We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy,” said Marsh.