Terrebonne General Medical Center

April 25: Presley Sue LeBlanc, child of Tiffany LeBlanc and Bryan LeBlanc Jr.

April 26: Kinley Kate Cunningham, Child of Krystalyn Cunningham and Drew Cunningham.

April 28: Hoby Jacob Lovell, child of Katie Boudreaux and Jacob Lovell.

April 29: Ja′Hyri Terrel Stewart, child of Jarrica Thornton and Johnny Stewart.

April 30: Luke Michael Rock, child of Erica Rock and Bobby Rock; Noah Paul Rock, child of Erica Rock and Bobby Rock; Abigail Lynne Smith, child of Amy Lynne Lovell and Jeffrey Paul Smith Jr.

May 1: Wesley Reid Bergeron, child of Nichole Bergeron and Chet Bergeron; Kinsley Elizabeth Molinere, child of Nora Blanchard and Clark Molinere Jr.

May 3: Ariana Marie Chaisson, child of Kristen Neil and Ryan Chaisson; Carter Bryce Esponge, child of Fallon Esponge and Cameron Esponge; Tinsley Anne Humphries, child of Dalaenah D. Errico and Jordyn Humphries.


Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

April 27: Valerian Wilson Breaux Jr., child of Gladys Winslow and Valerian Winslow; AnnaGrace Renae Knight, child of Allison Knight and Brandon Knight; Avery Julie-Rae LaRose, child of Elizabeth LaRose and Jake LaRose; Adeline Dolores Leboeuf, child of Whitney  Leboeuf.

April 28: Katteleya Jolie Hunter, child of Bridger Bienvenu and Kendall Hunter; Noah Joseph Prejeant, child of Jucie Prejeant and Raleigh Prejeant.

April 29: Titan Alistair Gilling, child of Kandalyn Dupre and Ellis Gilling Jr.

April 30: Noah Mathew Miles, child of Olivia Miles and Mathew Miles; Lawson James Verdin, child of Brittany Verdin and Joshua Verdin.

May 1: William Francis Benoit, child of Emily Benoit and Christopher Benoit; Greyson Richard Loupe, child of Mindy Loupe and Brent Loupe; Philip Daniel Leblanc, child of Meggie Leblanc and Daniel Leblanc; Jaelynn Emery Liner, child of Jade Liner and Joshua Liner; Jaiklyn Elizabeth Morales, child of Cassie Morales and Jacob Morales; Elaina Anne Morales, child of Cassie Morales and Jacob Morales.

May 2: Wyatt Mathew Clement, child of Chelsea Pierre and Seth Clement; Deni Jane Torres, child of Amber Torres and Don Torres Jr.

May 3: Kenslee Reece Lewis, child of Kelli Boyd and Carlin Lewis.

May 4: Avery Elizabeth McCormick, child of Brittany McCormick and Jordan McCormick; Georgia Grace Stein, child of Melody Stein and Dustin Stein.