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Danielle James: They don’t have anything like that on the west side.

Holly Vincent Gurauskas: They sure do. The park on Southdown Mandalay Road has one.

Danielle James: If you’re referring to one in Bayou Black, then that isn’t necessarily Houma.

Jaime B Blanchard: Yes it is.

Danielle James: Maybe to you, but not to me. Bayou Black is Bayou Black.

Holly Vincent Gurauskas: It’s a Houma address. And still on the west side. But also, the west side has a skate park, Da Swamp, batting cages and miniature golf, Chuck E Cheese, Lazer tag, Pinocchio’s, movie theaters and other things for the kids. No need to begrudge the east side getting a splash park. There’s not much else for the kids to do on this side.

Danielle James: Da Swamp is in Gray. And nobody was begrudging anything. All I said is they don’t have one on the west side. Your opinion and my opinion.

Jaime B Blanchard Bayou Black is not a town or city. It’s a community and the name of a highway. That isn’t an opinion. What you consider it to be doesn’t change the facts. Also, Da Swamp is also in Houma, not at all in Gray.

Danielle James: My opinion.

Sara Peltier: So, nothing for the west side? Nice.

Will Bill Leboeuf: The busiest park in the parish is on Williams Avenue, and it has the crappiest park for the kids.

Jaime B Blanchard: Bayou Black park has a splash pad.

Lisa Lirette Fanguy: And they are building one in Bayou Blue.

Chris John Martin: The west side has everything in Houma. It can live without some splash parks.

Keith Hawk: Bring back the waterslide on the west side.

Joey Pierce: Can’t finish the Field of Dreams that will actually bring revenue into the parish but they have money to waste on splash parks.

Melanie Russell Galliano: Lafourche Parish still hasn't finished or opened the one in Bayou Blue, although it's just getting warm enough for it now. The cement was supposed to be painted before the spring and never was.

Le Buffy: As taxpayers, don't you think we should vote on this? Not all three should be on the east side. Why not finish projects before you start a new one?

Will Bill Leboeuf: Yes, this is awesome for the kids in east Houma. However, westside Houma has fewer options for the kids.

Seth Pontiff: Skate park, splash parks, but no dog parks. Come on, Houma.

Dustin Thibodeaux: Nice to see investments for the children and on the industrial side of town.

Danielle Pitre: Village East is not a good idea.

Tyranekia Truly Blessed Miles: Stop hating and let the Village be great. You have no idea the positive impact that could come from this. Be optimistic

Tammy Chiasson Parfait: I agree with you 100 percent.

Danielle Pitre: I live in da Village.

Sharmon LeBoeuf: Awesome.

Judy Johnson: Great.