CHIPLEY- Washington County Planning Commission discussed updates to the Land Development Code when they met in workshop May 1.

First on the list were required and allowed surfaces for commercial parking lots. Planning staff recommended asphalt, concrete, milled asphalt and gravel for areas smaller than 5,000 square foot.

All discussions were regarding both pervious and impervious surface for the lots as well as the pros and cons of each material.

The board agreed with those recommendations and is expected to vote to implement those at the next regular session meeting.

Food trucks were on the agenda for discussion as well. The board consensus concerning the food trucks is to develop a procedure for when and where they can be used. Planning staff will be researching how surrounding counties with a more urban setting handle their policies. From there, staff will develop a policy and procedure that will be more conducive to a rural setting.

Board Member Jim Ackerman said checking health department regulations is top priority.

“We should look at Health Department regulations and approvals before deciding on a land use approval for the trucks,” Ackerman said.

The Planning Commission is expected to adopt this new policy by the end of the year, officials said.

The last item discussed was concerning recreational vehicles such as R.V.’s and camper trailers. The board consensus is that a recreational vehicle can be parked and used in one place for six months out of one year not to exceed 60 days at one time.

The commission will vote on this topic next session.

Washington County Planning Commission will meet again in regular session at 5p.m. on June 5.