The elephant in the room.  Perception vs. Reality. 


Let’s talk. 


The perception of law enforcement and what really drives us when choosing this career, simply put, are as different as night and day.


In today’s world, law enforcement officers are not seen as your friend but often as a source that cannot be trusted.   


Children, for example, shy away from approaching us at times, and it can begin with something as simple as a young child who is not listening to their parent in the store.  As a parent uses a deputy to threaten a child, the person they trust most in this world is inadvertently teaching them we are the bad guy.  The seed of distrust is planted which causes a false perception, when in reality children should understand that in any given moment we are a source of protection and their well-being is the very reason we put on this uniform every day.


Consistently building relationships with our citizens is critical to WCSO being successful in providing the safe neighborhoods that our families deserve.  Knowing transparency is the key to building trust and strengthening relationships, I am here to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and I most certainly value your opinion and ideas. 


I hope the monthly Sheriff’s Corner will be another way to open the lines of communication between our agency and the public.  If you have questions you would like addressed please email us at


My door is always open to each of you.


Sheriff Kevin Crews

Washington County