BONIFAY - Bonifay Fire and Rescue became Florida's first-time recipient of a state-awarded reimbursement grant.

On April 24, members of the State Fire Marshal Office presented the fire department with a grant check for $13,800. The grant was designed to be awarded to reimburse City of Bonifay for their portion of a match on a federal American Firefighters Grant (AFG) for $290,000 to purchase a new tanker/pumper truck.

Assistant Fire Chief and Bonifay City Councilman Travis Cook expressed his gratitude on behalf of both the department and the City.

"We are so grateful to be the first recipients of this grant," said Cook. "The department needed the new truck and without the city willing to meet the match, we wouldn’t have it. Being able to put the funds back in the city coffers means a great deal."

Bonifay Fire and Rescue’s Lieutenant Zach Sellers wrote the grant application and was selected to accept the check from the State Fire Marshal Office.

BFR is will acquire the new truck late this year, officials said.