An award-winning songwriter and producer, who has written No. 1 songs for the likes of George Strait, Collin Raye, Shenandoah and Shania Twain, talked about making music Wednesday.

Tony Haselden, the guest speaker at a Rotary Club of Houma meeting, said his music comes together like a puzzle.

"There is never a set way in which the writing process works. It is different every time. Sometimes the music is first, sometimes the lyrics are first, sometimes it all comes together at the same time, and sometimes I'll have pieces of music and pieces of lyrics to put together," he said.

Haselden said he has 40 to 50 little musical ideas in his phone and is waiting to come up with lyrics for them.

He spoke about the music industry and how it is just like any other business with the only difference being that musicians have no idea who is going to buy their product.

"You write a song and hope to sound (preferably) like Garth Brooks, but it doesn't always work that way," he said.

In 2010, Haselden was inducted the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and the organization's Songwriters' Association Hall of Fame

A native of South Carolina and a resident of Thibodaux, Haselden is a founding member of the Louisiana band LeRoux and has been in the music business since 1974.

He recorded five albums for Capitol Records and RCA, and toured with Foreigner, Journey, ZZ Top, The Doobie Brothers and other '80s rock groups.

Haselden performed the song "That's My Story" before speaking to the audience. The song was released in November 1993 as the first single of Collin Raye's album "Extreme."

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