BONIFAY -  Doctors Memorial Hospital Administrator Joanne Baker was all smiles Friday. She was surrounded by her staff and community partners who were also celebrating 10 years in a new facility. She was especially happy to learn of the sell of the former property.

"We didn't know it was going to happen today," she said. "It closed today and we thought, 'we're celebrating our 10-year anniversary being in the new facility and we sold the old one.'"

Baker said the old facility was sold to a group who plans to develop it as a long-term drug rehab center. The group received funding to do so this past legislative session. DMH, which has a detox program called New Vision, will work with the new center to strengthen rehab services.

The old facility had been on the market for 10 years. Baker said she's relieved that DMH can be released from the costs associated with keeping up the old campus.

"We got rid of an expense that we weren't able to utilize," she said. "It took us 10 years, but we found somebody with a heart to help others."

Since in the new building, DMH has instituted a number of new medical programs, including MRI, pulmonary rehab, growth of the radiology wing into a women's unit and a number of screenings. Also, the hospital has moved everything onto a digital platform and renovated its courtyard.

"We were out of space at the old one - for what we wanted to offer," Baker said, noting the new facility has made room for growth of services.

"A lot of people come say 'I didn't know you had this, I didn't know you had that,'" she added. "We'll be glad to give tours, anytime."