WASHINGTON AND HOLMES COUNTIES - Yard art is one way to take your yard landscaping to the next level and make your neighbors think all of your planting and repotting was effortless.

In past years, the distressed looks of shabby chic had taken the main stage in home interior and exterior design. While it remains very relevant to trend, pottery is now making its way to the top of the landscape and patio must-have lists.

"Pottery seems to be the big thing," said Sherry Bass, manager at Orange Hill Express in Chipley. "We've sold more pottery already this season than we usually do the whole season."

The clay pots fit well with other simple designs, such as shepherds hooks and wooden bird feeders and houses.

And the daytime winds of March and April early mornings and sunsets beckon wind chimes.

"Now is the blustery days," Bass said, "so the wind chimes would be really nice to put out on the porch or patio."

Other unassuming art include hanging iron and glass tree ornaments, metal yard works, wind mills, wind bottle trees and iron birds nests and moss baskets for potting.

As sun sets - perhaps near the time of a family picnic or barbeque - glass, table torches create glowing accents of a stained glass appearance when filled with citronella and lit.