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Jacob Leblanc: What was to be expected when education is one of only two things ever cut? And every time new standards and practices are implemented, people flip out because it's new and different. It all keeps this state uneducated and constantly ranked near the bottom in almost every category.

Jacob Leblanc: Just because you couldn't understand it, which is natural since you learned a different way to do things, doesn't mean it was bad or wrong. But people like you revolted anyway because new things are scary.

Thomas Champagne Jr.: I made a 31 in math on my ACT, so I guess you are right. I don't understand. I don't understand why you have to work out a complex method for such a simple problem. Please explain how this is progress.

Jacob Leblanc: Right. I'm glad you did so well under the old system. All the more reason for you to resist a new system. You might find out you aren't as good at it.

Thomas Champagne Jr.: If I can do one step and complete a problem, why should I do five? Isn't it human nature to simplify things? The old way worked in less time, so why make a new way (which also fails) and takes twice the time?

Jacob Leblanc: You're so fixated on how many steps you don't even realize that five easy steps are faster and more efficient than one hard step.

Thomas Champagne Jr.: You're like that lazy coworker who brags about all the work they did but took three times longer to do the same work.

Michael Danos: It's not that funding is cut. It's teachers aren't allowed to actually teach anymore.

Jacob Leblanc: I'm sure it is a mixture of both.

Michael Danos: More so not allowing them to teach than money.

Ashley Besson: Teachers aren't able to teach because they can't kick out horrible kids cutting up in the classroom.

Michael Danos: But when they are teaching just to take a test, the kids aren't learning.

Ashley Besson: I agree, they are teaching them how to take tests. Out of all my son's teachers, he only has two -- science and Social studies.

Michael Danos: Let the teachers teach like they used to. Get rid of the needless classes, and the kids will do much better

Hazel Cole: Common Core is so stupid. When we were in school, we learned how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and do algebra, and we did it the shortest way possible. Today it takes an act of Congress to do a simple problem. The parents can’t even help with their homework. How stupid is that?

Arthur Houston: Look people, again it is socialism. Who has been running the Education Department in DC? Yes, it was Democrats. You think this is going to turn around overnight. The whole country scored lower on reading and math. Wake up, America. We cannot continue to say it's OK just pass them. You have to start changing, and that is going to mean turning blue to red everywhere.

Jamie Landry: Get rid of that Common Core junk, and their grades will go up.

Jessica Cassard Guidry: Louisiana has been using its own state standards for years. Try again.

Jamie Landry: It's basically the same thing. Not much of a change. So, you try again.

Thomas Champagne Jr.: They changed the name, but have the same standards.

Byron Gonzales: Thank You. So 42 out of 50, Common Core. Yet Louisiana is last. So how could it be curriculum?

Thomas Champagne Jr.: OK, so now you've gone down from all to 84 percent on my first example. In my opinion, you are now irrelevant and were just trolling. Unfortunately, my phone is almost dead and I have a job to get to in the morning, but I will be available tomorrow to continue this discussion.

Jesse Billiot: Get rid of Common Core and teachers' unions, and promote school choice and magnet schools.

Jacob Leblanc: So get rid of protections for teachers and give students lower standards?

Jordan Billiot: Like you haven't had teachers that shouldn't have been teachers.

Jesse Billiot: Getting rid of protections for bad teachers would help improve the standards for students.

April Tabor: Hmm. I wonder why. Take Common Core out. Then you will see a rise.

Brett Hebert: I 100 percent blame Common Core.

Joella Tinkes Do away with the Common Core.

Levurn Charpentier: Keep cutting education.

Becky Foster: Take out Common Core.

Becky Foster: I know a few states took it out, and the media want you to think it works for most, but it doesn’t.

Jacob Leblanc: If 42 out of 50 states use cc, wouldn't the eight that don't be in the top eight spots?

Jennifer Kryvanick: Get rid of Common Core.

Jacob Leblanc: Most states use the Common Core standards. Why does it work for most and not us?

Jennifer Smith: Always last place. No surprise.