VERNON – Vernon City Council was given an update on delays to FEMA projects on the wastewater treatment plant and community center projects by representatives of CDG Engineering Firm when they met in regular session March 19.

Carmen Chosie and Sheri Mills explained to the council that their extension request has not yet been granted by FEMA for the projects although the funds have been obligated. The City does not want to proceed with working the projects without knowing the funds spent will be reimbursed.

Discussion concerning the Vernon Library building being handed over to the county is set to be discussed at the April workshop after a unanimous vote.

An ordinance regarding sex offenders in city limits is also set for discussion at the April workshop.

Resolution 2018-152 had its first reading during a public hearing. The resolution covers the Fiscal Sustainability Analysis and Asset Management Plan for the city. The plan is authorized to identify and assess the wastewater collection needs and requirements of the city to protect the health of the public and the environment.

Vernon City Council will meet again in workshop at 7 p.m. on April 2.