CHIPLEY - Minor adjustments to a utilities ordinance were discussed Thursday at a Chipley City Council special meeting.

The changes are aimed at synchronizing fees across all utilities in an effort to organize the fees processing workload, City Administrator Dan Miner said. The changes will effect gas customers only.

Adjustments to utilities Ordinance No. 950, pertaining to gas, include a $2.50 increase for temporary turn-off - which puts the fee in line with the water temporary turn-off charge of $10 - and a new flat rate of $30 for that service after hours.

"You're doing the same thing; so rather than charging this for this and another price for this one, we're just making it the same," Miner said.

Also, if the changes are approved, utility deposits will be at a flat rate of $100. Currently, the language in the ordinance lists a number of algorithms for determining the deposit amount.

Also at the meeting, the council heard from Chipley Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Ted Everett regarding a handful of up to 50-percent reimbursement matching grants the CRA is planning to pursue, pending council approval.

Combined, the grants total $28,000 and would apply to interior and exterior improvements.

Unrelated to the grants, Everett also brought up alcohol ordinances that govern the county and city. He told the council to "consider changing your ordinance to match that of the county."

"Because if you move I-10 services, sewer and water down (State Road) 77-South proper, you're going to see those type of businesses wanting to come to that intersection," he said.

Moments before making the comment, Everett reminded the council of a missed economic impact opportunity for "jobs, sales tax and ad valorem" when a business decided not to come to the area due to, to some degree, alcohol sales regulations.

Currently, the city regulates the licensed sale of alcohol within 1,000 feet of any church, school or public park and within 300 feet of a dwelling or residence - unless two-thirds of property areas within that area give consent. Last year, the county adopted the state's regulation of no sale within 500 feet of a school and added no sale within 500 feet of a church, which is down by 1,500 feet from its previous regulation.

Officials said the discussion of alcohol regulation is not expected to be on the agenda at Tuesday's regular council meeting, to be held at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 1442 Jackson Ave.