A Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputy conducted a traffic stop just before midnight Saturday, March 3.

During the traffic stop, the driver, identified as 36-year- old Jason Wayne Suits of Chipley, was noticed to have a clear bag in his lap with a white powdery residue. When enquiring about the bag, Suits handed it to the deputy. The bag later tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

A Deputy K9 was then deployed for a perimeter search at which time he alerted to the presence of narcotics in

the vehicle. When asked if any illegal narcotics were in the vehicle, Suits replied, “a little bud in the backseat.”

At this time, a search of his person revealed a black flip phone which was placed on the patrol vehicle.

During a search of the vehicle, approximately four grams of marijuana was located. The cell phone was found to have a small pink jewelry bag that contained crystal methamphetamine in the battery compartment.

Suits was immediately taken into custody and booked into the Washington County Jail on the charges of

possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana less than 20 grams.

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