An article written by RD Easterling of Chipley was recently featured in national sportsman magazine, "Bear Hunting."

Titled "Ancestral Trail," the article recounts Easterling's May 2017 bear hunt in Idaho, in which he harvested a bear using only traditional Native American tools made by Easterling himself.

Easterling, who was given the Native American name "One River" by a Navaho friend who said it came to him in a vision, is known locally for his love of learning about and following the arts of his Cherokee heritage.

Easterling enjoys flintknapping, fashioning bows and arrows, clothing, fire spindles, turkey calls, and other items using authentic primitive methods.

“It’s really a journey to try to practice as many of the ways that my forefathers did,” he said. “I’m doing this because of my heritage, but it was a way of life for them.”

When he is not following his ancestral trail, Easterling serves as a financial advisor at his Chipley-based business, Southern Financial Group.

The article appears in the January/February edition of Bear Hunting Magazine.