PONCE DE LEON - On Feb. 27, Ponce de Leon Lady Pirates took their first win of the season against Laurel Hill Lady Hobos.

The Lady Pirates started the game off by batting first. In the first inning, Devyn Butorac, No. 13, hits it past third baseman and manages to make it to third base. In the field, Butorac, the pitcher, makes an amazing performance striking out all three batters in the first inning.

In the next innings, Ally Dady, No. 6, smacks the ball between right field and center field and makes it to first base. Dady managed to get home. Later in the inning, a batter hits it in between third and short stop making Sydney Watson, No. 7, dive for the ball. Catching it, she throws it to Dady on third base, making an outstanding double play.

Batter hits it to Butorac, but she misses it. Halee Hartzog, No. 3, was backing her teammate up - she then fields it once more, tossing the ball to Joelyn and getting the last out in the fifth inning.

Dady, up to bat, hits a nice pop-fly over center fields head. It hits the fence almost for a homerun but sadly hits the fence and pops it back in. Dady, up to pitch, in the seventh inning, she strikes out all three batters, making yet another outstanding performance.

The Lady Pirates took the victory 10-2 in their first softball game of the year.


Junior Varsity

That same Feb. 27 night, junior varsity also took the win against Laurel Hill.

Ponce de Leon batting, Hannah Wilson, No. 11, starts the game off by hitting the ball to short stop; the Hobo's doesn't field it in time, putting Hannah on first.

In the field, the ball goes past Katie Murphy, No. 3, the catcher, leading the batter on third trying to go home. Hannah is at the home plate ready for the batter and tagging her out at home.

Wilson strikes out two batters in the second inning. In the third inning, Murphy hits a beautiful pop-fly to center field. The Hobo's not catching the ball, Murphy gets on first and her teammate Anna Carroll makes it home. In the field, Carroll fields the ball tossing it to Mahala Rushing, No. 19, and they get the first out in the third inning.

Trinity Proctor, No. 16, steps up to pitch, striking out the next two batters in the third inning. Wilson hits it to third, the Hobo's try to get her out, but making errors, Wilson manages to get on second base.

Katie Murphy up to bat again, she hits it to center field, getting teammates Wilson and Carroll home. In the fourth inning, Trinity Proctor strikes out her first batter. Proctor then fields the ball and throws it to third, Wilson catching it and getting the second out.

Proctor strikes out her last batter of the game in the fourth inning, leading the Lady Pirates 9-7, taking the victory against the Lady Hobo's.