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Jacob Pinel: When will people wake up and realize the government (Democrats) is purposely letting these continue to happen only to take away more of your rights. Conspiracy theory, I know.

Emelie Cheramie: The government is run by Republicans. They have the majority. Nice try, though.

Jacob Leblanc: I wonder how so many Republican towns, cities, states exist if Democrats run the entire country.

James L. Strother Jr.: Democrats always scream gun control. Doubt he was talking about who is running the country.

Ashley Paige Bourgeois: Remember when "for the people, by the people" was a real thing?

Troy Stringer: I think people who don’t know a lot about guns should not comment on banning guns. You do know that “semi-automatic weapons” can cover everything from handguns to hunting rifles to shotguns, right?

Jacob Leblanc: I feel the same way about men who want to regulate female bodies.

Troy Stringer: That’s because you're OK with murdering babies.

Enola Romero Russo: I know pretty much about guns. Been around them all my life and know how to handle them.

Jacob Leblanc: But for argument's sake, why do you support a ban on the constitutional right to abortion on grounds of killing but not a ban on the constitutional right to bear arms, which also kill people?

Troy Stringer: First off, you started the abortion discussion on this one. The baby has no voice on being aborted. Second, I don’t understand why you continually blame the gun and not the person holding the gun. The gun doesn’t kill people, but the action of the person holding the gun makes the person responsible.

Robert Thibodeaux: That’s a good question.

Troy Stringer: I’m not against a more in-depth background check, and I’m not against people with mental issues being prevented from owning guns. The thing is that everybody wanting to take guns away from everyone is not going to stop mass killings. I said it before: People with the will to kill will always find away.

Jacob Leblanc: I used an analogy to relate to your original post. And in it nowhere is the word "abortion" seen. I would imagine people murdered by way of gun had no say either.

Jacob Leblanc: It's a woman's right to abort. Why is the right to guns more important than the right to decide one's own medical decisions?

Troy Stringer: Never said it wasn’t a woman’s right, but if you ban guns, you have to ban it all.

Kathryn Darcey: Considering that mental health being the problem that it is in this country, where do we draw the line? I have children who need my protection, but if someone breaks in and I can't own a gun, what do you think will happen? Also semi-auto still fires one bullet at a time just as a handgun does. So if we go by your ideals, then all guns should be banned.

Troy Stringer: Maybe I should have said certain mental issues. When you start talking about mental issues, that is a very slippery slope. That’s where the experts would have to make guidelines on that issue.

Justin Adam Benoit: Because the Second Amendment is a basic human right in the Constitution in the United States of America and aborting your child is not, plain and simple. We’re not telling women or regulating women what to do with their bodies. We're simply saying maybe you shouldn’t murder the completely other body you're growing inside of you.

Kathryn Darcey: I do think some types of mental illness shouldn't have gun. The system is broken. The problem is when things aren't reported or they are but the proper protocols are not followed. In the case of multiple shooters, had protocols been followed and people done their work then they wouldn't have been able to purchase gun in the first place. It's the system that needs to be fixed, and those who don't do their job correctly get handled.

Troy Stringer: I agree 100 percent.

Jacob Leblanc: Hmm. According to Roe v. Wade, it is a basic human right.

Justin Adam Benoit

Justin Adam Benoit: One of the basic human's rights is to life. And with abortion you are ending one.

Patrick Ghirardi: Roe v. Wade is not part of the Constitution.

Patrick Ghirardi: And the Supreme Court already ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller, 2008, when it recognized an individual’s right that is independent from the militia or National Guard, the right to self-defense by keeping and bearing arms, by the Second Amendment.

Elizabeth Danos: And in that same case the Supreme Court stated that "like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose."

Patrick Ghirardi: If rights are limited, then they were never rights to begin with, but only licenses or allowances. If we ask why gun control advocates want people to be helpless and defenseless victims, it is because they want there to be nothing that can resist the majesty and glory of the state. They are collectivists and statists for whom government is not legitimized by "the consent of the governed," but where the lives of citizens are legitimized by the conditional condescension of that government. This is the falsely "progressive" ideology derived from Hegel by way of Marx; and its dominance among anti-American elites and their ruling class is too painfully apparent.

Jimmy Babin: Abortion is not a constitutional right.

Owning a weapon is.