CHIPLEY – A Holmes County man has been arrested for attempting to throw out evidence during a traffic stop early on March 1.

Just after midnight, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies conducted a traffic stop on a 1993 green Chevrolet truck near the intersection of Highway 90 and Waits Avenue

As the deputy approached the vehicle he noticed a large knife in plain view on the dash. The driver, identified as James David McCullers, 29, of Ponce De Leon, was then asked to exit the vehicle for the safety of the deputy. McCullers was

asked if he was in possession of any other weapons, he stated he had more knives in his pants pockets.

Deputies say as McCullers removed the knives from his pants pockets “it was clear” he was attempting to obstruct the view of the deputy while standing in the doorway of the vehicle.

The deputy then moved McCullers to the front of the patrol car to continue emptying his pockets, where he noticed a clear canister in the driver’s seat. The canister appeared to have white flaky residue inside.

According to reports, McCullers was asked about the canister where he immediately

reached into the vehicle and attempted to grab it.

Deputies say McCullers, denied any knowledge of the container being in the seat he was sitting in, asking the deputy, “Do you always look in the seats when you jump in the truck?”

The canister contained a substance that resembled the quality of methamphetamine that is commonly known as the ‘shake and bake’ method.

Field testing confirmed the presence of methamphetamine and a full search of the vehicle was performed by deputies.

During the search, a metal pipe and a digital scale, which also tested positive for methamphetamine were located inside the vehicle.

McCullers advised deputies the methamphetamine in the vehicle was not his but claimed ownership of the scale stating he used it to measure out his seasonings when cooking.

A review of the in-car camera, found McCullers tossing a bag into the grass as he stood in front of the patrol car.

Deputies searched the area where McCullers was standing, and located a cloth case that contained a blackened glass pipe and a cut straw.

McCullers was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia and tampering with evidence.