Dear Editor,

Last Wednesday, as everyone is aware, Bethlehem High School, was fully evacuated due to the possibility of a bomb. I wanted to publicly say thank you to Bethlehem School, Holmes County Sheriff’s Office, Holmes County School Board and anyone else assisting with it. I appreciate the school not taking chances with the lives of our precious children, grandchildren and employees.

The world we live in today is nothing compared to years ago and I have to comment on some of the word I am hearing from people. “Why didn’t they give them time to get coats” “My child couldn’t even get her lunch box” “My son had to ride the bus to school because they would not let him get his car keys from his locker”

Are you serious people? Be glad they didn’t take the extra time to do that! Be thankful you had your son or daughter to give a hug to at bedtime.

I know from experience it only take a second to change the course of your life forever and your school making the decision to quickly evacuate may be the factor that saved lives and not destroyed families.

I will say I have heard more positive comments than negative but again, I felt I needed to publicly let Bethlehem and everyone know how much I appreciated the efforts and what I felt was a very successful evacuation since we all went home that night.

Connie Lowery