EBRO -- In the partial of seconds between releasing and hitting his target, elite shooter Jacob Marlow has made it a habit to draw a clear mind.

"My mind is pretty blank," the 22-year-old archer said. "I'm pretty laid back; I don't put a whole lot into it."

"Being super analytical isn't being really productive when you're at that point," he added.

Marlow's mother, Linda Marlow, the City Clerk at Ebro Town Hall, who is also an archer, supported her son's statement as a reflection of the level of mental strength required to focus and remain calm while target shooting.

"You have to be able to do that," she said. "I think those that excel are really strong mentally. I mean, there are good shots, but mental is a bit part of archery."

Marlow is heading to start his season Wednesday in Lancaster, Pa. at the 2018 Lancaster Archery Classic, held this weekend, to compete in the Men's Pro Division in different styles of archery including 3-D, indoor and FITA round, which is a form of target shooting recognized and authorized by international archery organization Federation International de Tir a l'Arc.

The top prize, which is an indoor tournament, pays out about $30,000, according to Linda Marlow.

Last year Marlow placed second in the Classic. Also, last year, the young archer won top titles at Archery Shooter Association in Foley, Ala. and Augusta, Ga., as well as, placed third in Illinois.

"Jacob's dad and I are very proud of both Jacob and Tyler," Linda Marlow said. "They have worked very hard to be where they are. It takes a lot of time and dedication to compete at the level that they do."

With archer parents who once owned an archery shop and an archery title-winning brother named Tyler, Marlow grew up around the sport. Over his life-long involvement in the sport, starting on a national stage at 11 years old, he has won international titles and payouts as high as $18,000 in a single weekend.

To retain such a high level of refinement, Marlow said he trains about 25 to 30 hours per week throughout the eight-month archery competition season.

"Obviously, you have to have a lot of competitiveness in you and work ethic," he said, responding on what he thinks makes a good archer. "Some people are more talented than others, but work ethic will always outdo that."

As he approaches graduation this fall at Florida State University - Panama City with a business administration degree, he plans to continue to keep his eye on his career target.

"I always took it seriously," Marlow said regarding archery. "It wasn't something that I just decided one day I could do something with. It was more of a plan from the beginning."

"Now I look at it more in a career aspect, than a hobby," he added.

To watch Marlow compete live at the Lancaster Archery Classic this weekend, go to lancasterarchery.com.