BONIFAY - The Friendly Mini Mart, located at 1080 North U.S. Highway 79 in Bonifay, continues to hold its own against larger retailers among the state's top five lottery retailers and remains one of the state's "winningest" stores.

The retailer came in 8th in the state for Florida Lottery tickets worth $600 or more in fiscal 2016-17 with 74.

Financially, the store ranked even higher, coming in third statewide with total sales of $4,017,700.50 in the same time period.

It was topped only by the State Line Gift Shop, in McDavid, with $4,786,452 in sales and Panhandle Package #1 in Campbellton, which had $4,223,169.

Lottery officials credit the store's proximity to Alabama — which has no lottery sales — as a likely source of its success.

“A major contributing factor to this is the high volume of purchases made by Alabama residents crossing the state line to purchase Lottery products since Alabama does not have a lottery,” said Jennifer Fulkert, Florida Lottery administrative assistant.

The store's streak of customer luck isn't a new trend, however, and Alabama residents are often the lucky winners

Hartford, Alabama resident Gary Richard claimed a $500,000 prize in Feb. 2016 when he purchased and scratched a "Flamingo Multiplier" scratch-off game.

Times-Advertiser Carol Kent Wyatt contributed to this report.