Backers of proposed constitutional amendments that would make it harder to expand gambling in Florida and restore felons' rights have topped 600,000 valid petition signatures, according to numbers posted on the state Division of Elections website.

The political committee Voters In Charge, which is spearheading the gambling measure, had submitted 621,763 valid signatures as of early Thursday afternoon, according to the state Division of Elections website.

The group needs to submit 766,200 to get the measure on the November 2018 ballot. The proposal would change the state Constitution and give voters the "exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling" in the state. It would require voter approval of casino-style games in the future.

Meanwhile, the political committee Floridians for a Fair Democracy had submitted 600,083 valid signatures, according to the Division of Elections.

The committee's proposed constitutional amendment, if approved next year, would automatically restore voting rights for all nonviolent felons who have served their sentences, completed parole or probation and paid restitution. Felons convicted of violent crimes, such as murder, would not be eligible.