VERNON - Thanks to private donations as well as from AmeriGas, Stephanie Richardson, and Tray Hawkins, 105 families in the Vernon and Ebro area will have a turkey for Christmas dinner.

$700 was donated for the project, which aimed to purchase 100 turkeys.

Robert and Lisa Dale donated $500 of those funds on behalf of AmeriGas.

There was $700 donated overall. $500 came from Robert and Lisa Dale on behalf of AmeriGas and $200 in private donatio

The funds were used to purchase 65 turkeys, with Stephanie Richardson and Tray Hawkins stepping in to purchase the remaining 40 turkeys to meet the goal.

27 turkeys went to Vernon Middle School families who were previously identified as being in need, and 29 turkeys went to Vernon High School families.

The remaining 49 were loaded up and delivered by volunteers from Vernon Fire Department and Cricket Wireless in Chipley to residents in the Vernon and Ebro communities.

"I'm not sure they realize just how much this means," expressed one recipient, who asked not to be identified. "The holidays are especially tough for us this year, and the turkey will do more than feed us for Christmas; it has already fed our spirit to know someone cares, even when we think no one sees our struggle."